Doing it! Plus, GRAND Social No. 348 link party for grandparents

Doing it! Plus, GRAND Social No. 348 link party for grandparents

Doing it!

Jim and I are doing it. Finally. We have finally accepted the fact the home we love and have lived in for nearly 12 years is too big for us, has too many stairs, too large of a yard, too much space for two. Especially two with trouble walking about.

Which means we are doing it: We are moving to a smaller place… somewhere (TBD) in the same city. Yes, we are downsizing. Though I prefer to think of it as my most recent Silver Sneakers newsletter called it, rightsizing. Our current home is 3,600 square feet. The homes we’re considering…

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Moving on

Bubby and Mac—as well as the rest of their family—have vacated the premises and moved on to their new home.

On moving day, Gramma (who is far more sentimental than the rest) just had to get a photo of the boys' last time on their trampoline:

boys on trampoline 

And, of course, I photographed their last...

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When grandchildren move away: 10 things to send with them

Sometimes, regardless of how much we wish things could be different, grandchildren and their parents move away from Grandma and Grandpa. Perhaps there's a better financial situation for Mom or Dad farther away, or maybe it's a marital split that results in beloved grandbabies being relocated farther from grandparents than ever before.

I have always been a long-distance grandma—my grandsons have never lived near me. So I can only imagine how heartbreaking it must be to learn grandchildren who lived nearby will soon live miles and miles away. Such a transition is surely hurtful not only for the grandparents, but for the grandchildren, too.

when grandchildren move away

As a longtime long-distance grandma, though, I do know there...

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