Photo replay: Hummin' along

Jim and I haven't had much luck attracting the hummingbirds this summer. Last Saturday, though, one finally visited our deck—and I was fortunate it was hungry enough to stick around while I ran to get my camera.

Today's question:

What birds do you regularly see out your kitchen window?

Photo replay: Walking partners

My walking partners for the week:

Baby Mac & Bubby — April 18, 2012

They'll surely be easier to keep up with than Mickey and Lyla. Especially because if we happen upon a wild animal, they'll run from it rather than to it like the dogs do. I hope.

Happy Sunday, one and all!

Photo replay: Batman returns

Ever since being transformed into a super hero, Bubby has been obsessed with all things Batman—despite having never seen a single Batman movie, cartoon, or series episode.

Thursday Megan sent me a text of Bubby posing for Gramma, decked out in his Batman shirt—which Megan says he likes to wear three days at a time—and the Batman mask GG (his paternal great-grandma) cut from a cereal box along with the awesome Batman card he's holding.

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Today's question:

What super powers do you wish you had today and why?

Photo replay: What about Lyla?

Last Sunday I showed you photos of all my animals. All except one, that is: Lyla. Even Jim—who doesn't care much for our adopted little gal—asked, "What about Lyla?"

So today I make amends for leaving out an important part of our family. I present to you Lyla (whom I captured just before she leapt after the squirrels on the deck):

Happy Sunday to you!