So much to say

So much to say

When I was growing up, my mom and I didn’t talk much. At least not about big things, important matters mothers and daughters should discuss. No talks about girl things, God things, goals, dreams, birds, bees, boys.

The reason our communication focused only on surface stuff is debatable. My introversion? Mom’s aversion to uncomfortable truths? Her (justified) preoccupation with raising seven kids mostly on her own?

Whatever the reason, I promised myself…

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Encourage compassion! Plus, GRAND Social No. 308 link party for grandparents

Encourage compassion! Plus, GRAND Social No. 308 link party for grandparents

Encourage compassion!

The egregious lack of compassion on the parts of many—and on so many levels—in our society anymore has become an overriding dark cloud of concern to me. Maybe for you, too. It's so darn heartbreaking and mind boggling for those of us who know we, collectively, are better than the recent devastating actions and events that, fairly or not, have come to define us as a nation.

I want better for my grandchildren, for all grandchildren. You probably do, too. Yet it's hard to know…

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Grandma's word of the day: Local

Grandma's word of the day: Local

Today's word is... LOCAL

Definition of local (per

[loh-kuh l] adjective

1. pertaining to or characterized by place or position in space; spatial.

2. pertaining to, characteristic of, or restricted to a particular place or particular places.

3. pertaining to a city, town, or small district rather than an entire state or country.

4. pertaining to or affecting a particular part or particular parts, as of a physical system or organism.

Local example:

A recent social media post shared...

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Throwback Thursday: The tunes they are a changin'

Throwback Thursday: The tunes they are a changin'

This #TBT piece by Lisa Carpenter originally published March 24, 2011 on Grandma's Briefs.

I'm proud to say my family is musical. We dabble in playing — a guitar and piano here, a recorder and ukulele there — but it's in the listening to music that we really excel. As a whole, our hearts, minds and ears are open to myriad genres, everything from classical to Christian, country to show tunes, hard rock to soft rock and many that aren't really rock at all. We even have our family favorites in the rap genre. (I must admit, though, jazz and easy listening rarely pass notes in our homes, our cars, our iPods, or Spotify queue.)

Music plays a prodigious and powerful role in our family, which is why...

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On spidorpions and refrigerator art

On spidorpions and refrigerator art

My grandsons live in the desert, where creepy crawly things reside, too.

Most of those creepy crawly things — primarily scorpions and lizards but sometimes other icky things — though horrifying to me, are merely common sightings for Brayden, Camden, and Declan. Nothing to write home, I mean, write Gramma about.

The boys — and Megan — recently encountered a critter like none they'd encountered before. One they weren't even sure what it was. First Megan, then Brayden, then Camden described...

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On firsts and embracing new experiences

My grandsons had "a day of firsts" on Monday, Megan shared on social media that day.

Brayden embarked on his first overnight church camp experience...

boy going to camp

And Declan attended Vacation Bible School for the very first time...

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GRAND Social No. 258 link party for grandparents

Welcome back!

I hope your June — your summer, in fact — is off to a grand slammin' start. Mine certainly is. Thanks in part to there having been no 90-degree or higher days so far. I'm no fan whatsoever of the heat of summer. Especially indoors, where I have no A/C.

I'm pretty sure I just jinxed myself, so I'll hush up now and move on to the real reason you're here today.

GRAND Social No. 258

Hooray for another GRAND Social link party. Thank you for joining me!

grand social link party

How it works:

  • All grandparent bloggers are invited to add a link. You don't have to blog about grandparenting, just be a grandparent who...
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7 benefits of being a long-distance grandparent

I am a long-distance grandma. Have been from the beginning of my grandma gig.

The first few years I moaned and groaned ceaselessly about the miles separating me and my sweeties.

I'm now nearly nine years into grandmahood. In that time I've thankfully learned there is indeed — unbelievable as I first thought it might be — a bright side to my grandbabies living so far from me.

Following are a few such perks on which fellow long-distance grandparents just might agree.

long-distance grandparent 


Bathroom breaks at my house are a breeze.
I never need straddle a step stool when using the toilet. Nor do I have to question who left the seat up as only two...

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