Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month: My MS and me

Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month: My MS and me

March is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month. Though I have MS, I don’t write much about it because, frankly, it’s long been just part of who I am, not what defines me. There are far more informative bloggers when it comes to all things MS—my dear friend Cathy of An Empowered Spirit foremost in my mind—so I typically stick with grandma-focused sorts of stuff.

Yet, with MS becoming a bigger (sometimes overwhelmingly so) focus of my life in the time since last year’s MS Awareness Month, I figured I’d spend at least one post sharing the relatively recent changes to my MS and me. Perhaps doing so will put…

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Encourage compassion! Plus, GRAND Social No. 308 link party for grandparents

Encourage compassion! Plus, GRAND Social No. 308 link party for grandparents

Encourage compassion!

The egregious lack of compassion on the parts of many—and on so many levels—in our society anymore has become an overriding dark cloud of concern to me. Maybe for you, too. It's so darn heartbreaking and mind boggling for those of us who know we, collectively, are better than the recent devastating actions and events that, fairly or not, have come to define us as a nation.

I want better for my grandchildren, for all grandchildren. You probably do, too. Yet it's hard to know…

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Creating kindness in your life (Guest post)

Dear readers: This guest post was written by Kay and Leslie of GrandparentsLink, my fellow members in the GRANDparent Network. Considering the lack of kindness and compassion across our country the last far too many months thanks to the hostile political climate and anxiety following the election, the wisdom Kay and Leslie offer here is particularly worthy of reading, sharing, putting into practice.


Creating kindness in your life

As grandparents, we want to inspire our grandchildren, and one of the best ways to do this is by "doing" simple acts of kindness. The old adage about "setting an example" certainly...

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Positive start, plus GRAND Social No. 224 link party for grandparents

Positive start

I've pretty much had it up to here with all the disrespect and hatefulness permeating our country, our world in so many ways, in so many distressing situations.

I'm no Pollyanna but I really could go for a little something uplifting, something positive to start my week.

You too?

How about this:


It's a start...

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Compassion trumps fluff plus GRAND Social No. 117 link party

Compassion trumps fluff

I originally planned to kick off today's post with some happy,fluffy stuff. For instance, pointing out that my return to publishing a Saturday Movie Review was quite well received, so much so that even Oprah read my thoughts on THE HUNDRED-FOOT JOURNEY... and tweeted to me after reading.

grand social link party

But then compassion...

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