12 crafts for grandmothers and others

My friend Joyce is the most creative and crafty grandma I know. A quick perusal of the colorful and clever posts on her  blog, What Happens at Grandma's, confirms my assertion.

Joyce recently told me she thinks crafts are one of the top things grandmas search for online. Now, I trust Joyce's instincts, hence fully believe she's right in that grandmas hanker for handicrafts to make themselves or with their grandkids.

So I searched my own site to see what comes up. To my surprise, the result presented more than a few crafts. (After eight-plus years of blogging, it's easy to forget what's been posted.)

Even the minimally crafty can create these

Joyce is a former art teacher. The amazing and artistic activities she creates and provides simple-to-follow-and-do posts on reflect that.

I'm not an art teacher. In fact, I'm pretty average in my artistic ability. My craft posts reflect that.

My craft posts also reflect that even the most average (meaning, non-crafty) grandmas can pull off something crafty. 

Here I've gathered my top 12 kinda crafty posts. Consider them next time you contemplate creating — solo or with your sweeties — something requiring minimal artistic ability.

Craft posts on Grandma's Briefs

Happy crafting!