Grilled Grandma No. 73

I find it hard to believe I've had the opportunity to grill up seventy-three special ladies, but this week is sure enough Grilled Grandma No. 73.

You'd think that with that many grandmas answering the very same questions, their sentiments would have grown stale. That's clearly not the case as GG No. 73, a.k.a. Barbara, said something so original, so sweet and so unlike anything I've yet heard from a Grilled Grandma in response to my question of "What is the best thing about being a grandma?":

I was surprised at the initial reaction to being a grandparent helping in those first few days with the newborn baby. It was almost a primal, tribal kind of feeling. I loved that baby more than you could ever know but I found the greatest joy in putting the baby in my children's arms and watching them become a complete bonded family. The grandmother's place in the family became very clear right at the outset. It was perfect.

It is indeed joyous to see one's child create a strong, happy, bonded family of his or her own. What an amazing and heartwarming honor to have a front-row seat to witness the cycle of life in motion!

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Today's (unrelated) question:

What material possession are you most proud of?